Company Intro

Born from the necessity to provide quality products and services with competitive prices in the world of Architectural Cladding, Elevate Building Solutions is a young and vibrant company started by budding entrepreneurs Smita Tiwari and Siddharth Thakker.

Today most of the luxury products are imported from foreign countries which increases the cost to market making them expensive and less available. With the vision to eliminate these factors, we alleviated to local manufacturing that allows us to incorporate premium quality in everything we produce without increasing the cost and enhancing our forthcoming nationwide.

Originated in India and devised with a concoction of art and cladding, Articlad provides striking concrete solutions for veritable cladding needs. As a brand, we believe in the philosophy of customer first by providing great value for money and upholding continuous innovation in everything we do. We offer a panoramic range for exterior/interior cladding products such as Stones, Bricks, Flexible, 3D panels and various Concrete Artefacts made to customer stipulation in an assortment of vividness and textures catering to the needs of our diversified customers. Headquarter in Mumbai with state of art production units in Mumbai and Bangalore, Our operations and networks span across the country enabling us to serve our customers better.


About Co-Founders


Smita Tiwari, after completing her IIM from Calcutta, gained years of extensive experience in the Cladding and Architectural Industry. She grew fast within the organisations with her keen sense to understand the customer’s need and delivering what Is expected.

Smita Tiwari, Founder, Articlad


Siddharth Thakker, after completing his engineering entered the world of construction. His belief is that no sale is complete without its after sales service. Thus, enabling ArtiClad to give every client the best combination of Sales and Service.

Siddharth Thakker, Founder, Articlad