“How COVID-19 made us realize why it is important to make our home a beautiful place to be..!!!”

While we used to be engrossed in our mundane lives and drenched in our work, we pondered less on how our homes should be. Home is built from the drops of your sweat and hard earned money, It is the sanctuary of all your happy memories which provide you hope in unfortunate times.

It is the place which you always look forward to after tirelessly working for your future everyday.

Remember the sweet smell of your halls, the innocent smile of the walls, the ray of hope from the windows, the comfort of your couch. Amidst these unsought circumstances due to Covid -19 , Home is not only the place keeping us safe but also the place that has transformed into our offices. Home is the place that should replenish your soul and fill the void with calmness the moment you embrace its warmth.

Every wall should speak to you of this beautiful present you have created and Inspire you to make a glorious future. Under this lock-down, harvest your thoughts to envisage and reinvent our already gratifying homes.

Make your home the perfect sanctuary to be with 5 quick fixes by Articlad :


1) There is something serene, reassuring and very timeless about white decor that never makes you go wrong. Pick up a wall in your drawing room and clad it with simple white bricks.

2) An accent wall is always a great design. Make the interior look classy by highlighting one wall with premium ledge stone.


3) Unusual wall treatments can make a home seem extra luxurious; Dress up the balcony, or the window area with some unique vibrant cladding options.


4) Keep it simple yet significant; soothe the beadhead wall with a statement of cladding to create a focal point.


5) Dress up your nook of the house with warmth of castle stone.