How Much Value Does Cladding Add To Your Project?

In the construction industry, the process of cladding involves coating one building material with another for reasons related to function, aesthetics or safety. Cladding is an investment to your project as it directly influences the curb value. Besides adding a unique personality, wall claddings also go a long way in protecting the structural integrity of your building.


Adds Personality:

Cladding adds a very strong visual demeanour, accentuates the look and enhances the curb appeal. The wall speaks for itself when cladded. Adding cladding to exterior/interior structure provides an aesthetic choice that makes all the difference to the finished structure and exhibits a very strong significance.

You can choose from an unconstrained variety of cladding options from Articlad, featuring a spectrum of colors, textures, and designs to add a unique persona.


Acts As A Shield:

Cladding functions as a skin to the structure. When you install cladding onto the exterior of a building you are also adding an extra layer of protection that will act as a shell to shield the material underneath. It is a great addition to your property as it provides an extra layer of protection against weathering, corrosion and insulation. Buildings that incorporate cladding are more resistant to cracks caused by temperature or climate change, water absorption, sunlight and all kinds of pollution compared to non clad structures.


Offers Cost Benefit:

The initial cost of purchasing and installing cladding may seem higher but the long-term value will demonstrate its worth tenfold. “The less work you do in maintaining the appearance, the better”. While a painted wall will need a lot of periodic efforts, expense and energy to keep it in good shape. A structure cladded once need not to be looked upon regularly.

And the bonus is when you make a smart choice of picking Articlad products that offer a warranty of 25 years.